Happy 83rd Birthday to Social Security!

August 14th marks the 83rd anniversary of the passing of Social Security, our great social safety net, keeping millions of Americans out of poverty. Come celebrate the anniversary of this historic milestone and see how you can get in involved to help preserve and protect this vital program. Join members and board members of Big Sky 55+ to celebrate this historic event 83 years ago on August 14th, 1935. And come see how you can help advocate to preserve and protect this critical program for our dynamic aging community.

When:   Tuesday, August 14th at 5:30 PM – 7 PM

Where:  Meadow Lark Country Club, 300 Country Club Blvd, Great Falls, Montana 59404

The House Fiscal Year 2019 Budget and Its Effect on Seniors
The House Budget Resolution for FY 2019, introduced by House Budget Committee Chairman Steve Womack (R-AR), was approved by the House of Representatives Budget Committee on June 21st, 2018. This budget proposes drastic cuts in federal spending for programs of importance to most low and middle income Americans while protecting nearly $2 trillion in tax cuts, which mainly benefit the very wealthy and large profitable corporations and dramatically increase our deficits and debt.

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