Election Coming Up on May 8th

Voters in the City of Great Falls are being asked to consider the creation of Park District-1 with an assessment amount of $1.5 million annually for the first three years to address $12.6 million in deferred maintenance identified in the city’s parks and recreation sites.

Great Falls Public Schools also is asking the community to say yes to additional funding through a $1.35 million elementary levy. If approved, the levy would bring the elementary operational budget to the maximum amount allowed by law, but the school district would still have to make $96,558 in reductions.

The election will be held by all mail ballots (no polling place on May 8th).  Ballots will be going in the mail on April 23rd.  Call the Cascade County Elections office at (406) 454-6803 if you have questions.

Parks and Schools Issues Sample Ballot

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