Condom Pub Crawl Huge Success

Members of Great Falls Rising joined with Planned Parenthood advocates from around the state Friday evening, April 20th, to do a “Condom Pub Crawl.”  Various establishments, who indicated they would welcome the group, were visited, including The Flamingo Bar, The Loading Zone, The Playground, Buffalo Saloon, the Cowboy Bar, the Alumni Club, the Back Alley Pub, Club Cigar, the Lobby Bar and the SteinHaus.  Patrons were offered free condom packs which included two condoms, lubricant, a mint and information from Planned Parenthood.  The group was enthusiastically welcomed at each establishment and many took advantage of the offer.

April is National Get Yourself Checked Month. This national effort brings attention to the need to screen for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) regularly to stay healthy and prevent the spread of disease and infection to others.

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