‘In Memory Of Stagecoach Mary’ Highway

Great Falls Rising recently adopted a two mile section of Interstate 15, Milepost 260 to 262, just north of Cascade. This is the area where Stagecoach Mary Fields did her work over a century ago. We have dedicated that portion to Mary as you can see in the photo. Signs at each end of the section were placed today.

We will be cleaning the sides of the highway, something that has not been done in decades. On June 20th, the day after Juneteenth, around 12 of us gathered to begin the task. We sang the black national anthem in honor of Stagecoach Mary and got to cleaning the trash out of the borrow pits. We accomplished about 1/2 mile of the two mile section, simply because it hadn’t been done in so long, or ever. We will be setting a date in the near future for another highway cleanup. If you are interested in helping out, please reply to this email with your name and contact information. We thank you in advance,  and we know that subsequent clean ups will be a whole lot easier.

Great Falls Rising team

(To read about Stagecoach Mary, click here.)

Group photo. It was a joyous day!
Gerry Jennings lead everyone in singing ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing.’
The crew hard at work. We collected about 24 bags of trash, along with various pieces that couldn’t be bagged.
Alice Klundt and Melissa Clark were leading the way on the west side of the interstate.
South end of the adopted section, three miles north of Cascade, MT.

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