Great Falls Rising Cleans up I-15 Highway Section in Memory of Stagecoach Mary

Fourteen people met at Milepost 262 on I-15 on Sunday, June 20th, to begin the clean up process on the Stagecoach Mary Memorial Highway between Milepost 262 and 260.

Elaine Schoyen, Great Falls Rising Treasurer, and Melissa Smith, Great Falls Rising member, marked the beginning of the clean up.
Gerry Jennings, President of Great Falls Rising, led the short ceremony prior to the clean up. She invited Shannon Wilson, organizer of the event, to present a short history of Stagecoach Mary. Then, with the help of Gerry’s husband Chuck, the group sang the Black National Anthem in honor of Juneteenth and Stagecoach Mary.
Elaine and Shannon calling the crew for the ceremony.
On the way Milepost marker 260.

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