2021 Election Laws

This article is attached to the one below which provides the Montana laws passed this session which match the laws in this article.

Here are the laws passed by the 2021 legislature and signed into law by Gov. Gianforte which match the laws described in this article and are being passed in red states around our nation:

176 HB Close late voter registration on Friday before the election

196 SB Generally revise polling place hours laws

224 SB Generally revise campaign finance laws

226 SB Generally revising laws related to candidate campaign finance loans

169 SB Generally revise voter ID laws

506 HB Generally revise election laws

530 HB Require secretary of state to adopt rules governing election security (McKamy)

93 SB Generally revise ballot initiative laws

113 SB Limiting referendums to 100 words, exclusive of statute sections

71 HB Revise campaign finance reporting dates for municipal elections

The titles for all laws had to be very vague like the ones above.

Check out leg.law.mt/gov for the actual bills.

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