Elections in Great Falls for 2021: Everything You Need to Know

School Board Trustee Election

There is currently one, three-year term on the District School Board that is expiring. Individuals who are interested in running must file a DECLARATION OF INTENT AND OATH OF CANDIDACY FOR TRUSTEE CANDIDATES with the County Elections Office. This office is located at 325 2nd Ave North, Great Falls. The filing date to do this is December 10, 2020 through March 25, 2021. Candidates must report campaign expenditures to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

The Board of Trustees for School District No. 1 & A, Cascade County, State of Montana, will hold the Annual Regular School Election on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. The election will be conducted by: Mail Ballot (the polls will be open from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm). The ballots are being sent out on April 19, 2021. There are no levy issues on the ballot this year. This is a non-partisan race.

City Municipal Election

Great Falls residents who are interested in becoming more involved with their local government are encouraged to consider running for elected office. A Mail Ballot election is scheduled.

Positions for elected office include one (1) Mayor for a two-year term, two (2) City Commissioners for four-year terms, AND forty-five (45) Neighborhood Council representatives for two-year terms.

Qualified electors interested in filing can do so April 22, 2021 through June 21, 2021 by completing a Declaration for Nomination and Oath of Candidacy form at the Cascade County Election Office (325 2nd Ave N).

City Commission

The mayor shall be elected for a term of two years.  The mayor shall meet all requirements and qualifications for election to the office of city commissioner.  Mayoral candidates shall be qualified electors in the City of Great Falls, be at least 21 years old, be a resident of Montana for at least three years, and be a resident of Great Falls for at least two years preceding the election. City Commissioner candidates shall be qualified electors of the City of Great Falls, and be residents of Great Falls for at least 60 days preceding the election.

Neighborhood Councils

The councils shall act in an advisory capacity to the City Commission, the City Manager and to other City advisory bodies, and may contribute information, opinions, advice, suggestions and recommendations to the City Commission, City Manager and other City advisory bodies on all governmental affairs and services having an effect on the area the neighborhood council represents, including, but not limited to, public finance, public works, public safety, planning and zoning, and public health and sanitation. Composition of Councils, Election: There are nine (9) neighborhood council districts within the City of Great Falls. The residents of a district shall comprise the electorate for that district. Each district shall have a council comprised of five (5) members, elected to a two (2) year term at the election held in conjunction with the City’s general election. Nominees for election to a neighborhood council must be residents of their designated neighborhood district, and must be qualified electors.

The election is scheduled for November 2, 2021. The ballot will be mailed out on October 18, 2021. If a primary race is required (there are three or more candidates for Mayor, and/or five or more candidates for City Commissioner), the primary election will be held on September 14, 2021, with the ballots being mailed out on August 30, 2021. All newly elected officials will take office in January, 2022.

Below you will find more details on the election and how to file. All city municipal races are non-partisan.

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