Great Falls Rising Honors Frontline Workers at Our Schools: Paris Gibson Education Center and Sacajawea Elementary School

Great Falls Rising is acknowledging groups that are serving our community as “Frontline Workers.” Our first recognition is our Great Falls Public Schools. Our teachers, staff, administrators and all GFPS employees have fulfilled their duties to our children during a very difficult time in their careers. The pandemic has presented challenges far beyond anyone’s imagination, and our educators and front-line support staff have continued to perform their jobs admirably. We will highlight two schools each week.

Drew Eucker, principal, ( states that Paris Gibson Education Center is a school for students who have a need or desire to reach their educational goals somewhere other than their traditional high school. Paris is a school of choice and students must have the maturity level to work and plan independently, as well as have a strong motivation to graduate.  We are the largest alternative high school in the state with approximately 250 students with 24 teachers, support staff and administration. 


Rae Smith, principal, ( says “Dive Into Learning” at Sacajawea Elementary School which has 404 students, 49 total staff members and we live by our motto: “Wolf spirit is alive, you will know us by our pride, encouraging members of our school, showing respect is considered cool. Working together, creating unity, helping in our learning community”.  Our school is fun, positive, and all about kids!



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