ACTION NEEDED NOW: Bring COOL Back to Montana

Cascade County Sen. Tom Jacobson’s COOL bill (Country Of Origin Labeling for beef and pork in Montana), SB 210, is being heard the in Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee on 2/18/2021 at 3:00. We need YOUR help to bring COOL back to Montana!

The first step is getting it passed out of committee. 

Currently, beef and pork imported from other countries can be labeled “Product of USA” simply if it is repackaged in the U.S. That’s just not right! The idea is simple — consumers deserve the right to know where their meat comes from, and our US ranchers deserve a free and honest market. By passing SB 210 in Montana, we will be that much closer to restoring COOL across the nation.

Please call the Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee and tell them to vote YES on SB 210! Montanans deserve truth in labeling.

This bill simply asks retailers to put up placards (signs) for beef and pork born, raised, and processed in the US. Nearly every other product at the grocery store has its country of origin labelled, from fish to teddy bears. HB 324 would bring back honest and transparent labelling for beef and pork.To learn more about why this bill is necessary. Read the Northern Plains COOL fact sheet:

read their fact sheet.


Call the Montana Legislature at (406) 444-4800.Ask to leave a message for the Senate Agriculture Committee.Tell them to VOTE YES on COOL, SB 21!

Here are some key messages we want legislators to hear – you can adapt one or two of them when leaving a message if you’d like: Consumers deserve the right to know where their meat comes from, and ranchers deserve an honest market.SB 210 is extremely easy to implement – it simply has grocers make an effort to display signs in meat cases, a process retailers already use. COOL keeps more money in Montana communities. We can’t wait for Washington, D.C. to fix this problem, we must act at home.

If you want to send the Committee an email letting them know why you support SB 210, you can do so here! Simply fill out the form: Select the “Committee” bubble and then select the Senate Agriculture Committee. Enter SB 210. Select the “For” bubble. Type your comment. Hit “submit” and you’re done! Your message will be sent to every legislator on the Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee. 

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