Check to be sure your vote is counted!

  (I just did this for my husband and me. Please join me and check!)
Did you vote by absentee ballot in this election?

If you’ve already turned in your absentee ballot: can you take a moment to check the site right below (My Voter Page)

to make sure your ballot was received and accepted? If it hasn’t been accepted, don’t worry. Call your county elections administrator or check in with our voter information hotline: you can call or text (406) 888-8006, or call toll free at (866) 439-5008.

(I had to call because my vote didn’t appear to have been received. It had been, but I couldn’t access it with a hyphen; it worked when the hyphen was removed.)

If you still have your absentee ballot: it’s too late to mail it in! Bring it to your county elections office tomorrow before noon, or bring it to your polling place on election day. You can find your polling place at

If you are voting on election day: visit to find your polling place and hours, then make a plan to vote in advance! Remember that if you are in line at your polling place by 8PM, you can vote, so don’t leave before you can fill out your ballot!

Thanks for voting – please call our hotline if you have any questions: (406) 888-8006 or toll free at (866) 439-5008.

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