Great Fall Rising September 25th Gathering – Candidate Forum

Great Falls Rising’s September 25th Gathering provides you, the residents of Cascade County, the opportunity for face-to-face discussions with your Montana Legislative candidates and your Cascade County candidates.

What: A chance for Legislative and County Candidates in the up-coming November midterm election and their constituents to meet and talk face to face

When: September 25th from 6:15 to 8:30

Where: Heritage Hall at Great Falls College MSU

Who: Democrat and Republican Candidates for the Montana Senate and House and for the Sheriff, County Commissioner, County Treasurer and Superintendent of Schools, and Public Service Commission

How: Residents will be able to question the County candidates after listening to brief introductions from those candidates in a large group setting and then will move to a small group setting with their Montana Senate and House District candidates for a question and answer session

Please use this link to find your MT Senate and House Districts.  Post it in your browser if necessary.  Bring the numbers with you.

Come with a desire to celebrate our democracy! Bring your questions and your belief in face-to-face meetings with the people who will be representing you for the next two years!

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