Give Labor Day to the Workers!

Help us give Labor Day to the Workers!

Rally at 6 pm Monday, September 3rd, in Three Forks with Senator Jon Tester, Kathleen Williams, Rex Renk, Andy Shirtliff, Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins and local representatives and candidates!

Since Aug. 2nd, thirty-five Montana workers have been locked out of their jobs at the Imerys America’s Talc plant in Three Forks. Contract negotiations between the workers and the foreign owned company broke down when Imerys’ offer that cut benefits and redefined workers roles were found unacceptable by these loyal, hard working employees. They have been locked out of their jobs ever since. They have still been showing up for work.

Volunteers plan to stand in for these workers, covering 24 hours of their “shifts” (4 hours at a time), so they can have the day off. Please pick a shift and help give these Montana workers much needed support! They are at the plant every day standing up for American workers’ rights. This is a fantastic opportunity to jump in the ring for Montana workers.

This is non-confrontational. It is a show of support for the workers and to give them the day off.  We’ll plan for a rally starting at 6 pm on Monday, September 3rd, so if you can’t make it for a full shift, come out for the rally.

Location:  2150 Bench Rd, Three Forks, MT 59752-9324, United States

Sign up for a shift at


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