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Right now, you now have an opportunity to help shape how irreplaceable wild places on the HLCNF are managed for the next 20 years or more.

Please read the following information and send in a comment (no matter how short) to support conservation in Montana. The MT Wilderness Assn. has studied the entire Draft Plan and is giving ideas below in the comments and in the blog for us all to follow if we agree. The Forest Plan is a very important decision made every 15 or 20 years. It sets the tone for what is preserved and what isn’t in the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest.

Some of the most unique and ecologically rich areas in Montana are located in the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest (HLCNF), and many of these places are in need of protection to preserve their wild character, rich wildlife habitat, and clean water.

Right now, you now have an opportunity to help shape how those irreplaceable wild places are managed for the next 20 years or more.

That’s because the Forest Service just released its draft management plan alternatives for the Helena-Lewis and Clark Forest. These alternatives are essentially options for how the Forest Service will manage the 2.8 million acre forest for the next several decades – how much motorized recreation it will allow, how many areas it will recommended for wilderness, and much more.

You have until September 6 to submit a comment to the Forest Service explaining just why the HLCNF should be kept as wild as possible.
Please take a moment to write the Forest Service and let the agency know how much you care about the Big Snowies, Nevada Mountain, the Badger-Two Medicine, and other special places on the Helena-Lewis and Clark, and why they should be kept wild.

You can submit your comment by copying the below link in your browser, and we will collect all comments and submit them to the Forest Service on your behalf.

Thanks for your participation in this very important project. If you have questions, please contact MT Wilderness Assn. at

If you’d like to learn more about the Helena-Lewis and Clark Forest and the recommendations MWA is making for its management plan, please read my blog post.

Thanks so much for caring about the future of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest, and for helping to keep it wild.

Casey Perkins, Rocky Mountain Front field director

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