Restore Sanity to Montana’s Legislature in 2022

Did we learn anything from four months in Helena in 2021?

Unless we want to repeat that adventure in 2023, we will need a significant swing away from hate, cruelty and division in November 2022. Get involved in state politics today, there are countless ways to make a difference!

Websites/Mailing lists/Social Media/Articles

Curious of the status of legislation being challenged in the courts? Check the Montana Free Press Montana Legislature Lawsuit Tracker.

Best local contacts

  • Helena Lovick, Local Activist
  • Ron Szabo, Local Activist
  • Sue Dickenson, Great Falls Rising Board, former State Legislator
  • Jasmine Krotkov, Local Activist
  • Melissa Smith, Local Activist, Email:, Phone: 406-315-3733

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