GFR December Gathering: Update on the BSCNHA by Jane Weber and Bill Bronson

There were 63 folks who attended the virtual gathering on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021. Jane Weber shared background information on the Big Sky Country National Heritage Area (BSCNHA) project, and along with Bill Bronson, Legal Counsel for BSCNHA, provided an update on the project. Jane, who is Chair of the Board for the BSCNHA project, explained that the heritage area would not infringe on property owner rights. Questions were answered at the end of the presentation. Links for specific references are provided below:

HB 1049 – Section 7 rules out eminent domain authority for NHAs.

Big Sky Country National Heritage Area Draft Feasibility Study

Questions can still be submitted to the BSCNHA Board at PO Box 1323, Great Falls, MT 59403. Video for the event is below.

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