ACTION NEEDED: The US Senate is working on climate change right now.

For your information from Citizens’ Climate Lobby…

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is emailing to ask a quick favor: 

The reconciliation package being drafted in the Senate right now is the best pathway climate advocates have had in a decade to enact a carbon price because it requires only 51 votes to pass. According to economists and scientists, a robust and fair carbon price is key to reducing our emissions rapidly. (See more about it in this 4 min. video by  Fareed Zakaria or go to the CCL website!) 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has launched a top priority campaign to generate as many emails and calls to our Senators as possible, to get us on their radar and get carbon pricing in that bill!  We know it’s crunch time for climate policy! 

We’re asking you to spend five minutes today or in the next week and go to this website to write and call your Senators.

Senator Jon Tester   202-224-2644

Senator Steve Daines.  202-224-2651

Our globe depends on us!

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