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From: Helena Rising
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2021 8:48 AM

Subject: [helena-rising] Weekly political action 

Hello everyone,

It was good to see some of you at the pro-LGTBQ+ rally last Monday.  As the speakers said, we can help by showing solidarity, even if it’s not enough to dissuade legislators from bullying queer youth.  Personally, I have been a bit surprised by how much of this rubbish we’ve seen over the past few weeks.  It seems desperate.  I do believe love wins. So we should keep on raising our voices.  Here are some suggestions.
1. “Personhood” amendment.  The Senate Judiciary committee will be taking up a bill asking voters to amend the state constitution to say that personhood starts at fertilization.  This would not be allowed under the US constitution, at least until the new majority on the US Supreme Court decides to overthrow the Roe v Wade precedent, and in addition to criminalizing all forms of abortion for any reason it might also prohibit in vitro fertilization and some forms of birth control.  You can use this link to send a message to the Senate Judiciary Committee on HB 337.
2. Reclamation.  As you know, Montana has a long history of companies digging up our resources then ditching the costs of damage to our land, water and air.  A new bill would weaken requirements for coal mine reclamation, in an apparent attempt to squeeze out a few more millions in profits for the owners of this dying industry, at the expense of local landowners and the wider environment.  Again, you can use this link to ask the House Natural Resources committee to vote No on SB 328.
3. Pollution costs.  Another bill would prevent Montana from including the costs of climate change in calculating electricity rates.  Economists argue that we should include such costs, since otherwise we make dirty sources such as coal artificially cheap, making it harder for ever-improving clean energy technologies to compete. Please use this link to ask the House Energy, Technology and Federal Regulations committee to vote No on SB 201.
Thank you!
– Helena Rising team

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