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ACTION NEEDED NOW: Save Public Radio



HB 542 has been introduced in the Montana House of Representatives that would eliminate any state support for radio stations. As you know, state and university support is a part of our MTPR funding puzzle which is comprised of listener donations and federal and state support.

Here’s how you can make your voice and thoughts heard.You can email and/or call your state representatives.

Find your representative here:

You can call them directly, or call (406) 444-4800 and have your message delivered to them.

Here’s a sample message: Use your own experiences with public radio, or just write in and say NO to HB 542.

Hi <<Rep./Sen./ Committee Name>>I’m a Montanan and I want you to know how important public media is for our community.

Public media is locally rooted. Each station is locally managed and makes programming and service decisions to address unique community needs and interests.

Public media makes communities safer. As the backbone of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), public media stations help keep the public informed and safe during emergencies.

Public media supports lifelong learning for all Americans. Investments in children’s educational, cultural, public affairs and news content, digital classroom resources, teacher training, and distance learning have made public media a leader in lifelong learning.

Public media preserves local history and culture. Through thoughtful storytelling, public media stations provide in-depth programs on the people, places and events that shape their communities.

Public media strengthens our democracy. Fact-based news and civil dialogue empower us to participate in the political process as informed citizens.Public media helps prepare children for success in school.

Public media’s early educational content is rigorously researched, tested and proven to help children learn.

Please, I urge you, to vote no on House Bill 542.

Thank you,<<Your Name/address/phone>>”

Thank you for standing up for public media in Montana. We’re grateful to have allies like you in our communities across Montana

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