Don’t Mess with Medicaid


The House Human Services committee will hear Rep. Mary Caferro’s bill to make Medicaid expansion permanent in Montana this Saturday, March 16,at 9:00 am.

As you all know, Medicaid expansion has had a very positive impact in Montana. Nearly 100,000 Montanans have access to quality health care, and Medicaid has helped create thousands of new jobs in Montana. It’s very important that we pass a clean Medicaid expansion bill and we show Republicans how important Medicaid is to our communities.

This Saturday, 11 different organizations are hosting the “Don’t Mess with Medicaid” rally at the Capitol rotunda starting at noon. We are hoping to drive up turnout for the rally and get people from all across the state to come to Helena on Saturday. If you could share this event to your email lists and promote the event on your Facebook page, that would be wonderful!

The link to the Facebook event is here:

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