Personal Stories Needed

Social Security card and Medicare enrollment form

From our friends at MONTANA WOMEN VOTE…

Montana Women Vote is focusing on collecting stories on the personal impact of Medicaid Expansion to be used when advocating for its renewal in this legislative session. Great Falls is a target area of ours and we are looking to connect with people who interested in sharing their experience with Medicaid.

My name is Ekoo Beck, an organizer for Montana Women Vote, and I am reaching out to find folks who are or have been on Medicaid in the Great Falls area. I would love to be connected with them, or connected with anyone you may think could help me find some stories in that area!

My number is (406) 274-3651 and my email is We have an online form for submitting stories that can be found at: and a Facebook page that can be found here:

Thank you for your time and assistance!

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