Tracking Montana’s Hate Groups


The Montana Human Rights Action Network (MHRAN) has been keeping tabs on the growing pro-militia movement in the state. One of the many facets we are tracking is the recruitment of local sheriffs and deputies into “constitutional sheriff” organizations.

MHRAN’s Travis McAdam will explain what the constitutional sheriff movement is and provide an exclusive breakdown on national and local operatives in this area of extremism, such as Richard Mack and Cascade County’s Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

Tuesday May 10th @ 6:30 pm

Advance registration required to attend:

Websites/Mailing lists/Social Media/Articles

The Southern Poverty Law Center –

The fight for racial justice in Montana, one year out

Best local contacts

  • Pam Carroll, Great Falls Rising Board

Incident Reporting

From the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN): Confidential Reporting of Incidents of Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence: We will attempt to follow-up and respond to incidents reported here, but due to volume, may not be able to in every instance.
We will only use the information provided to track incidents and aggregate numbers of instances will be public, but we will not share any information provided without the explicit permission of the victim/witness. If the incident you are reporting involves literature, graffiti, etc., please take a picture or make a copy and attach it to the bottom of this form in the designated area. Sometimes the literature, symbols, and/or wording can help us determine what group or activists might be responsible.

Click HERE to file report with the MHRN.

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