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New database launched to help find Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons

Montana has launched a state-wide initiative to facilitate those who are seeking missing members of the Native American community.  Funds are needed to assist in community searches. The North Central Montana Human Trafficking and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples Task Force has been established to coordinate volunteers, address underlying causes of human trafficking, raise funds and spread awareness.

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Nora Mabie published (11/02/21) an excellent update on the MMIP/MMIW database:

Violence against Indigenous women hits crisis levels; feds fail to track MMIW data, report finds

“According to the report, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Interior (DOI) have taken steps to address MMIW, but their efforts have not gone far enough and both agencies have missed deadlines mandated by Savanna’s Act and the Not Invisible Act. Savanna’s Act requires the Department of Justice to enhance training, coordination and data collection in MMIW cases, and the Not Invisible Act aims to increase intergovernmental coordination to combat the MMIW crisis. Both bills were signed into law on Oct. 10, 2020.”

For more information on the Government Accountability Office’s report on MMIW, visit

To read the entire article in the Great Falls Tribune, click here.


Best local contacts

  • Hannah Pate, Sisters United,, (406) 788-5867 (Mobile)
  • Keaton Sunchild, Political Director, Western Native Voices
  • Kathy Hodges, Great Falls Rising Board

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