Great Falls Crime Task Force

The Downtown Safety Alliance (aligned with the Downtown Development Partnership) has been hard at work keeping downtown Great Falls safe and vibrant for years.  Help raise questions with local officials as to why we need a “Task Force” making recommendations about how to beef up the criminal justice system, instead of investing in social programs that protect people, and prevent honest, hardworking citizens from falling into addiction and desperation.

Websites/Mailing lists/Social Media/Articles

Great Falls Crime Task Force, June 28, 2021 | City of Great Falls Montana (

Best local contacts

  • Carol Bronson, Downtown Safety Alliance
  • Susie McIntyre, Downtown Safety Alliance
  • Sandy Rice, Downtown Safety Alliance
  • David Saslav, Downtown Safety Alliance & Great Falls Rising Board
  • Melissa Smith, Downtown Safety Alliance, Email: or call 406-315-3733
  • Joan Redeen, Downtown Development Partnership

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