Did you know that Kids Education Yes! (KEY) was established in Great Falls in the early 1990s?

KEY has been advocating for support of public education for decades!

Following the legacy of KEY, we are currently administering a community campaign to support the Great Falls Public Schools elementary operational mill levy (supports teachers’ salaries, professional training, curriculum, technology and support for student programs.)

The vote for this public support occurs on May 5th!

KEY has a strong leadership team in place. Efforts are being made through traditional media, social media, community presentations, and an organized canvassing effort. There is always more to be done, however.

Here are a few simple ways to be involved:
1)  Make sure you are registered to vote!
2)  Encourage your family members and friends to register as well.

If you register now, you will still receive a ballot in the mail for the May 5th election.

We are in need of volunteers to help to canvass our community! The materials are ready, but we need more individuals to help knock doors and make phone calls.

You can email thai@kidseducationyes.com to become a volunteer at any time.

Look for us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Share your support of public education in conversation with friends, family and neighbors.Thank you for your efforts.

Vote YES on May 5th for public education!

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